• Real-Time Situational Awareness and Response
• Remote Monitoring and Accessibility
• Faster, Lower Cost Deployment
• Leverage the Existing Networks
• Maximize the Benefits of Smart Cameras and Software
• Optimized ROI
• Digital Image Encryption for Security Purposes

• Globally Proven Reliability
• Configuration Flexibility
• Analog and Hybrid System Integration
• Superior Scalability
• Faster, Simpler Deployment
• Multiple Layers of Network Security
• Efficient Bandwidth Management
• Exceptional Affordability
• Motorola Wireless Expertise and Support


Increase Construction Site Security with Wireless Construction
Site Cameras. Consider wireless construction site cameras.


Protect Your Children with School Network Cameras.
Protect your school, students and faculty with reliable
full-proof school bus surveillance cameras and school
IP cameras.


Government Network Cameras
Government network cameras have many applications in the government sector.
Government security cameras from REDEYESYS include community policing and
highway cameras.


Improve Security with Industrial Network Cameras.
Warehouse Camera and Industrial Network Cameras for Production Monitoring:
Warehouse cameras and industrial security cameras are being used to monitor.


Retail Network Cameras
Use Retail Network Cameras for Security. Cash Registers pose a constant exposed
threat for armed robbery, internal theft and mishandling of monies.
It is common knowledge that businesses use reta...

Small Business

Small Business Network Cameras
All of the High-Tech Video Surveillance Equipment You Need is Here.
high-tech digital business IP cameras, software and equipment to help you
keep a watchful eye...


Transportation Network Cameras
Transportation Network Cameras include Traffic Security Cameras and Highway
Transportation IP Cameras. What are the benefits of a highway Web camera.

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